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Total world net income and its impact on tax return of non-resident of Canada?


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I would like to ask for help as I probably confused my income tax and benefit return form.

I had income from a university in Canada (T4A slip) for the tax year 2022/2023. The taxable total income was $20,700. I thought I was supposed to get back $233.62 for each month because, for the year 2021/2022, my income over three months was $6,900, and I received back $700.86 ($233.62 x 3).

I left Canada on 22/09/2023 and became a non-resident (Emigrant). The interview section in Ufile requires me to state foreign income as well for the period I was a non-resident (around 27% of the calendar year). This was, in total, $6,732, earned in Austria in the form of a scholarship from another university.

My world net income is $27,432, and my overall balance owing was calculated to be $2,016.56. I am totally confused about this.

All my income was from grants/fellowships. I wonder whether I made a mistake by not stating the following (a note to my tax return) or whether the problem is something else (tax credits?).


This is stated in the Interview section (Emigrant). 

If you are claiming full federal non-refundable tax credits, attach a note to your tax return stating your net world income (in Canadian dollars) for the part of the year that you were not a resident of Canada. 
Show separately the net income you received from sources inside and outside Canada for that part of the year. The CRA cannot allow full federal non-refundable tax credits without this note.

You have to enter the following two income, the Canadian sourced income earned when you were not a resident of Canada and the foreign sourced income earned when you were not a resident of Canada.


I am attaching my Income Tax and Return Benefit file for assessment.

I will be extremely grateful to anyone who can advise me on what I can do now.


With many many thanks for your help, 






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We have deleted the pdf copy of your tax returns. This is a public forum and no confidential information should be posted. 

To allow our customer service to review your situation, please communicate with our customer service by filling in the form at the link below:


We will then instruct you how to send a confidential /anonymous copy of your return for review.


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