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Transmission to Revenu Quebec - Home improvement tax credit problem


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I am trying to send my file to Revenu Quebec and it gives me an error message saying that I have made an error in the QST number in my tax credit form.


In my form, I have suppliers that do not have a QST number because they do no need one because of the revenue level.  I have left the field blank in that case.  Is that ok?


Can you help me with this issue please? 

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There are a number of areas where Revenue Quebec requires the entry of a valid QST Number otherwise their system will reject the applicable TP1 Return.


For example Error Code H00459 requires a valid QST Number when completing Quebec Line 459 of the TP1 Return.


The number is 16 characters in length.  It consists of 10 numbers followed by (usually) "TQ0001".


If you obtained an Error or Warning message stating that the QST Number entered is invalid then you may want to confirm that you have entered "TQ0001" as most taxpayers tend to omit/forget that.    


If the Error was obtained after a Quebec transmission (i.e. An actual Quebec Error Code was obtained from MRQ's system as opposed to a UFile Error or Warning Message as seen under the "Review" Tab) then the only possible options are to:


- Contact your suppliers and obtain the missing TVQ Numbers.

- Remove the applicable TVQ claims and retransmit the TP1 Return.

- Leave the entries as is but paper file the TP1 Return (i.e. Mail it) as MRQ's system will not accept it as is.


I hope this answers your question and that you have a great day.

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