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Client name missing when saving acknowledgement


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I am using UFile PRO. After efiling a return and receiving an acknowledgement, I click on Save in order to save a copy of the acknowledgement. The file name generated does not contain the client name. The name generated is "/New file_EOL_HH_ACK.txt".


Incidentally when using the CVITP version of the program the generated name contains the full name of the client;


John Q Public_and_family tax 2015.u15_EOL_HH_ACK.txt   For the head of the family

John Q Public_and_family tax 2015.u15_EOL_SP_ACK.txt   For the spouse

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If you save the file you are working on and then transmit it the Acknowledgement File will be saved in the format you specified for CVITP.


If you did not save the file and proceed toward a transmission then upon saving the Acknowledgement File

the software will default the name to "New file".


I believe if you save your file prior to transmission then the results under UFile Pro and CVITP will be identical.


I hope this answers your question and that you have a great day.

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