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UFILE not deducting Moving Expenses


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Hi, i'm aware of the the eligible deductions when it comes to moving expenses.  I moved at least 40km closer to my new workplace.  However, any moving costs i enter in UFile does NOT make any changes to the tax owning.  There is also no error.  Is this a bug?  

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I'm having the exact same difficulty with uFile 2018.  It worked on my old computer.  I've since bought a new computer and am doing "what if" analysis on my taxes to determine the tax deductions from a move and it won't change my tax return no matter what numbers I put into the moving section.  did anyone figure this out?

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Hi derenzis, If you move to a new job you must report T4 income or employment income. If you move to university you must report a T4A scholarship income. For moving expenses you must report net income since the move (the bottom line of the form in UFile, scroll down to see it). You may be eligible to claim moving expenses if, during the tax year, you moved to be at least 40 km closer to your new job or place of business. Expenses are claimed against income earned from this new employment. Please only complete the lines that are applicable to your situation,  do not put zeroes everywhere. The address of the new residence is on this form. Kms from old residence,  from new residence must be entered. UFile includes the T1-M for the details of moving expenses in the Tax return section.


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