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home office expenses


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I have been looking on here for the answer but never really gets answered.. 

claiming home office expense's I under stand to put in the percentage of the amount you are claiming but the parts you put the dollar value in for each 

Enter your home office expenses in the appropriate fields... when u put in the amounts do I put in the value for the percentage of the total for the year or the dollar about for the whole year and the system will auto do the percentage.. 

example.. im doing 15%  (I live in an apartment and use a section for my "office") so would I put in the fields the 15% of my rent for the year or the full amount for the year of how much I paid in rent ( ex: if my rent is 1000 a month do I enter in 15% of 12,000 ... or put in the 12,000 and it will auto calculate the 15%)


thats what im confused on. any help on this would be great. ive worked form home for a few years and never knew I could claim it wish I knew before ...:(

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