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quebec work premium benefit calculation

Jun Wang

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My wife is family head in the Ufile Tax return. She don't work last year 
2018. I worked all the year .However Ufile select my wife to claim the 
Quebec work premium benefit.  How can I change it If I want to claim?

As you know, for federal work premium benefit application, in panel 
CONTROLES  , we can select who claim the Federal WITB in the schedule 6 
drop-down list. but I can't find the option for Quebec work premium 
benefit controle.

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I just receive the reply of helpdesk from Ufile team. They help me solve the problem.

I share with you as follows:

1) at left panel, click QUEBC TAX CREDIT;

2) Click option of Sharing tax credits between spouses on Quebec Schedules B, C, J and P;

3) for my wife, for the item Quebec - Schedule P - Work premium, choose don't claim in the drop list.

Ufile helpdesk provide a very excellent service, that is the reason why my family is always loyal to Ufile for so many years.


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