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Confused about entry of small amount of additional income


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Hi there,

I have two related issues I need help with in order to complete my 2018 return.

1. I received a T4A from an organization I did a small amount of consulting work for (I'm a full-time educator).  When I entered the T4A amount into Ufile, the system instructed me to enter a page of details about my "business".  I don't have a business.  I'm a full-time educator and did this work once.  What can I do to enter the information accurately?? Do I need to request a T4 instead of a T4A, from the organization I did this work for?

2.  I also tried to enter a small amount I received as a one-time paycheque, also for a one-time consulting gig.  The same problem resulted.

How can I enter this minimal amount of income ($720 total) into Ufile without having to fill out a page for my non-existent "business"??  

Thank you for your help!

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