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Confused about entry of small amount of additional income


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Hi there,

I have two related issues I need help with in order to complete my 2018 return.

1. I received a T4A from an organization I did a small amount of consulting work for (I'm a full-time educator).  When I entered the T4A amount into Ufile, the system instructed me to enter a page of details about my "business".  I don't have a business.  I'm a full-time educator and did this work once.  What can I do to enter the information accurately?? Do I need to request a T4 instead of a T4A, from the organization I did this work for?

2.  I also tried to enter a small amount I received as a one-time paycheque, also for a one-time consulting gig.  The same problem resulted.

How can I enter this minimal amount of income ($720 total) into Ufile without having to fill out a page for my non-existent "business"??  

Thank you for your help!

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Hi Aisling14,

You have received a T4A for consultation, so you must complete the business section in the software even if you do not have one depending on the box in which the amount on your T4A is located.

We suggest you contact Ufile's technical support for the appropriate procedure to your situation.

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