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UFile's T5 input form has box 15/16 twice; tax form doesn't


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On the T5 input screen (UFile for Windows), boxes 15 and 16 are listed twice but my actual T5 forms have the box listed only once.  

So where do I put the value on the form?  First field?  Second?  Both?

Filling the values into the first field in UFile (for both 15 and 16) results in a refund of $7,195.74.  Filling the values into the second field instead results in a refund of $7,157.90.  Putting the values in four times results in a refund of $6,961.61.  So it clearly makes a difference.

Thanks for any insights.


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Hi bwbecker, it depends on the type of foreign income earned. If it is dividends, you choose the first field, if it is interest you select the second field for box 15. You can now select the tax paid on the appropriate type of income on box 16.

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@Nawal, thanks for the reply -- it helps clarify my real question:  Given that only one amount is reported on my T5 for box 15, how do I determine if it's earned as dividends or interest (or a split of both)?  It's earnings from a non-registered account at WealthSimple; essentially a fund of ETFs.  So I would think there would be both interest and dividend income in there, but in some unknown proportion.  Same question for box 16.


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