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TCG Eligible for capital gain deduction


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In schedule 3 of my 2018 tax return I have a loss.

UFILE automatically fills in the T936 CNIL and Capital Gain History. In the Capital Gain History, there is a negative number for 2018 under TCG eligible for capital gain deduction. This is causing UFILE to generate a warning that the number should not be negative. Will this warning affect my tax return? Can I file my tax return with this warning?

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Yes, I also have this issue and question.

I noticed that the amount in that field is 50% of the loss only on a real estate sale reported in 2018 but appears as a negative number. There were other capital gains from investment sources in 2018, but the number reported in the TCG box was only for that Real Estate loss.

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I think that number may not necessarily have any effect on your return. At least this was the case for me.

As a test, I saved the PDF of the full tax return, and then changed the number for "TCG eligible for capital gain deduction" and saved the PDF again. I used an offline tool to compare the two PDFs and there were no differences.

It could affect what is carried over to next year's return, not sure.

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I am also seeing this warning.  In my case it seems to be caused by a loss from selling a stock (T5008) in 2018.  Has anyone received a response form ufile on this issue?  Is there a software update being worked on?

Thanks and Regards.

Here is the response from UFILE support:

"This issue was happened from last version of UFile and it was resolved with the last release of UFile. You can just delete this negative amount in the section of TCG eligible for the capital gain deduction. Then warning message will be disappeared."

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I sent a request to ufile support. My case was the same as above, a loss from selling a stock (T5008) in 2018. This is what I was told:

Please note that, you have to update the version of your windows UFile program as a new release is available. Once you do that, the amount should now be visible.
You can simply erase the amount from your capital gain section data entry and it will be ready to netfile. It will not hamper your tax return.

I tried to get updates to my version of Ufile and there were none.  So I just erased the amount and it solved the warning.

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