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  1. Hello, any answer about this issue?
  2. I filled up the information about rent, numbers of month and landlord under the ON-BEN interview, but I cannot see any report when I print the Tax return.
  3. Thank you so much!!! Only the amount credit transfer there is a limit to $5,000. In this case, she used all of the credits.
  4. 32300 - $13,145.60 This is the total of credit unused 2019 $5,695.85 + 2020 $7,449.75. But, the maximum allowed amount is not $5,000?
  5. Any information about this problem?
  6. I changed but nothing happened. I am not able to send a file attached.
  7. The schedule 11 shows $0.00. See the attached pelase. uFILE ERROR.zip
  8. I have the unused tuition amount from 2019 $5,695.85 and in the current year $7,449.75 and I haven't used any amount in 2020. So, the total of amount that I will claim in the future is $13,145.60. When I see the SuUfile error.pdfmmUfile error.pdfary of carryforward amount there is nothing there. What is the problem? Ufile error3.pdf
  9. Hi,

    Let me know which part of the software I can include the information about Tax professional and fees.

    Thanks Marcela 


    1. Nawal


      Hi Marcela, To enter the amount of legal and/or accounting fees incurred for purposes other than the recovery of wages or salaries, please follow the steps below:

      Note: These are costs incurred for the late objection or appeal concerning a notice of assessment issued under the Tax Act on income. They are fees paid to collect a retirement allowance and expenses incurred to to make child support payments non-taxable.

      1- In the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select "Interview setup".

      2- In the screen to your right, scroll down to "Other topics" group and check the box "Other deduction and credits " and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

      3- Return to the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" and select "Other deductions and credits".

      4- On the screen on your right, click on the plus sign "+" icon to the right of the line "Federal Line 23200 - Other deductions (Quebec line 250)".

      5- On the page that is generated enter the amount in the field for "Deductible legal fees incurred not related to recovery of salaries or wages".

      Bear in mind that some of the fees that are deductible on your Federal tax return may not be deductible for Quebec and vice-versa.

      If the Federal amount is different from that of Quebec, enter the Federal amount and click on the "Maple Leaf" icon. An additional field will be generated to enter the amount for Quebec. This box appears only if you previously entered a Federal amount. If you have no Federal amount, then enter ''$0.00''.

      This amount will be reported by the program on line 23200 of your Federal return and line 250 of your Quebec tax return, code 08 will be entered on line 249 of the Quebec return.

      Note: Please keep all your documents in order to provide on request to the CRA or Revenu Quebec asks for it.

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