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Can I ReFile my T2 through UFile?


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I missed some information while filing our T2 using UFile.ca. I can see that there is an option under T1 menu for ReFile but I could not find any options to create an "amended T2" or "ReFile" or "request changes to filed T2" through the UFile T2 menu or in its setup section. Please advise how this can be done throughout our UFile.ca account.

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Hello Hamid,

Unfortunately, the software does not allow you to do an adjustment request.

For an adjustment of your T2 return a letter must be mailed to tax center that serves the corporation.

In your request, clearly identify the following:

1.the name of the corporation

2.the corporation's business number (BN)

3.the corporation's tax year

4.any details that apply

With your letter, include any relevant supporting documents, such as: revised financial statements, revised schedules

For more information, please contact CRA corporation tax return department.

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