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Unable to Save u20 File


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Ufile 2020 installed fine and it brought forward a .u19 file for conversion to .u20.  However, every time I try to Save the .u20 file after entering data, I get a dialog box that says:

Failed to Save

The tax file you are trying to save is locked by another application

What is going on given there is no other application that can possibly be accessing and using this file extension?

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Most of the time I still get this message despite no other non-system app being open. Occasionally I do not but rarely.  That all said, I have been inputting data and it seems like Auto Save is working because the data is still there when I open that File again. I guess the bigger question is whether this thing will calculate and save the actual tax return when it is time to Netfile.

I would have thought there would have been some response from the vendor by now to this topic. Clearly something is amiss here and the conflict has to be a Win10 system executable of sorts.

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In surfing various threads, I found this thread from a few years ago. The culprit appears to be Windows Defender.  I will try that solution the next time I am into Ufile.

Tried this. Both by allowing the app in Protected Folder Access and by turning Protected Folder Access off.  Neither approach worked. I do think the issue has to do with Windows Security and/or Windows Defender though. A vendor IT rep needs to show up and respond to these issues.

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On 2/16/2021 at 2:21 PM, BFJR said:

Am having the same issue. Nothing else was open.


How do I save all this work?  Did Auto Save catch it?  I did save it part way through okay.  What has changed?image.png.895fa46a0823695e9acd8b43ec019ed8.png

I have  finally solved the mystery, at least for me.  It was my synchronizing software, specifically Dropbox, that caused this message. When I paused Dropbox synchronization, UFile saved without this error message.  

This 'error message' may also apply to other synchronizing software such as One Drive or Google Drive. Try pausing and see if that works.

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UFile 2021,  Saving file problem still exists.

It is a Win10 (latest version) problem.   

Goto:   Windows Security, Click on "Virus & Threat protection
Scroll:   Controlled folder access
Click Manage Controlled Folder Access
Button:    ON  clicked on this button to turn it "OFF"

Go back to Ufile save your file

Still have a problem if you turn the Button On again.

It continues to block saving the file.

So when I am working on the UFile will leave the switch on the OFF position untll a fix is posted.

Have a nice day


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