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My Taxable dividends becomes my spouse's income

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I received taxable dividends from Canada corp. I input the amount into my file via interview. However, the amount shows up in my spouse's federal return line 12000. I can not find a way to make it show up on my federal return line 12000. I noticed that my spouse has a federal dividend tax credit now. But the thing i don't understand is how my income becomes my spouse's income. Any ideas? 

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Hi YouShouldConfirmFirst. That's a specific tax transfer that is beneficial and will reduce the family tax. You can shut it down by selecting against it and can then test the results.

When the spouse with the dividends can not make use of the dividend tax credit the software will switch them to the other higher income spouse.

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And true to your username, check out this link. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/personal-income/line-12000-taxable-amount-dividends-eligible-other-than-eligible-taxable-canadian-corporations.html

Its a short distance down but it's there. I used to know the section in the Tax Act but have forgotten. Maybe Sec. 164 as it deals with transfers and well as carrybacks from estates to the recently departed. Beetlejuice.

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Yes I did enter a date, and description but no + or - sign shows up. I am just wondering because I entered the date as 31-12-2020  for all prescriptions ,the program thinks that is the only amount. I’ lol try and change the date and see if that’s the problem. Thank you for suggesting the date might be the problem.

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