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First time filing with spouse


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You use one file in UFile with, for example, you as Family Head and then the very next portion "Situation on December 31, 2020" provides the options for spouse, e.g. common law with a Yes for spousal change and date. That will  create a spousal tab in which you fill out the data entries for spouse, including 'complete information for spouse'.

Doing that allows UFile to look for best use of tax credits, e.g. medical expenses all by lower income spouse between the two tabs. That all said, each tax return is ultimately separate for NETFILE purposes and each will be NETFILED separately.

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Depending how solid you feel you are, you may want to reconsider this.

Last year, I switched to UFile, after many years with another program.  I decided to do my son and DIL as a joint return.  In the past, I did them separate as they are military and often live in different provinces.

So, the joint thing worked well, then they separated, after 11 years!!!   grrr

Now, this year, I had to totally separate them again and re-enter all of the 'spouse' carryforwards, etc. before I could complete that one.  It was a PITA

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