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T5008 Capital gain/loss in disposal of US stock


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Banks only produce T5008 in USD for all disposal of USD stock. I would like to know if there is a box in Schedule 3 for me to fill in the USD exchange rate 1.3415 for 2019 - the same one when filling in the T5 income.

Appreciate someone can help.  Thanks


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Not for Schedule 3. You have to manually calculate the CAD equivalent for both the acquisition cost on the date of purchase of the stock and the date of sale of the stock.  The forex rate in effect on the date of purchase cannot be the same as the forex rate in effect on the date of sale, except by extraordinary coincidence. Use the Bank of Canada site to find the forex rate for both dates. The annual forex rates do not apply.

In the case of T5 income, UFile allows you to enter all USD income in USD and then to fill  in the box for forex, in this case 1.3415. CRA allows you to use the annual  forex rate for recurring income such as dividends and distributions.

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