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I am a new Permanent resident in Canada, I came to Canada on Feb 15 2020. My income for 2020 is less than 150,473 so am I eligible for the full 13,229 tax credit given that I was not a resident till Feb14. Also, are there any other considerations that can reduce this credit other than the income?

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UFile will calculate the right amount if you input the right date for 'entry to Canada'.  This link https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/international-non-residents/individuals-leaving-entering-canada-non-residents/newcomers-canada-immigrants.html is a good guide for newcomers (first year in Canada).

Added: You will receive full credit for non-refundable tax credits like personal deduction if you meet the 90% rule. See https://www.taxcycle.com/documentation/t1-personal-tax/couples-families-and-dependants/immigrants-emigrants-and-non-residents/

I think the software should determine eligibility.

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