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Error due to income from an international company


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I'm helping my parents with their tax return, both worked in canada during 2020. My dads Tax return netfiled no problem, however my mothers came up as an error due to "Income from an international company and will have to be mailed" but:

- It doesn't tell me WHERE she's claiming it so i don't know where it is

- Her t4 and T5 slips haven't changed since 2019 which had no problem. 


Has anyone else had this issue? I've tried emailing Ufile directly but no repsonse. 

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Somewhere, most likely in tax slip data input, a box has been filled relating to 'a foreign entity'.  Look for possible data entry errors.

 Did you per chance in a T3 tax slip, inadvertently put data in "foreign business income" box 24  rather than "foreign non-business income" box 25? Or foreign withholding tax in Box 33 rather than 34?

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