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Hi Marcela,


You might be having the same issue I had with my property taxes. You need to 'apply' for the benefit and check off the 'ON-BEN -Declaration for tenant'.


Support gave me this:

You have entered the property tax paid, but you did not apply for OTB credits.

OTB 2019
To claim the OTB credits, you should follow the instructions:

1.Open your tax return and go in 'Interview' tab.
2.Click on 'Ontario tax and credits' .
3.Choose 'ON-BEN-Application for 2020 Ontario Trillium Benefit (Ontario sales tax credit, Ontario energy and property tax credit, Northern Ontario energy credit) and the Ontario Senior Home owners' Property Tax Grant.
4.Claim your credits, then click Next.
5. Return in 'Ontario tax and credits' and claim your property tax credit (ON-BEN -Declaration for home owner - if the person was an owner, or ON-BEN -Declaration for tenant - if the person was a tenant ). Enter the information.

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