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Rearranging tax-slips under investment & interest income


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I click top-tab "2-interview", then on the LHS under "interest, investment income and.."  it shows the various tax slips that I have entered.  Some carried forward for past n-years, some new.

Is there a way to re-arrange the order of these slips?   eg. currently my slips show as:
T3 - TD asset management
T3 - TD canada trust
T3 - RBC investments
T3 - bank of montreal
T5 - XYZ bank
T5 - HSBC bank group


I would like to re-order them so they would be (say for example) in Alphabetical order?   Or from highest amount to lowest?

Is there a way for me to "move" those slips manually   eg. with my mouse, select "T3 - bank of montreal" and move it to top?   Grab "T3 - TD asset management" and move to bottom?

I know you can delete and re-enter them.  But I don't want to delete everything and start from scratch.

PS: if there is a technical way to do this (eg.  open .u19 file with some software,  modify certain parameters, etc...) OR export to a particular format, re-arrange, import back - I am OK with that, if it can be done.


Thanks for assistance.

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Actually, there are many reasons why you may want to do that. 

First, uFile orders in way items were entered.  It may not be how you want them displayed.
lf you have a bunch of items, it may be easier to "manage" if they are in a particular order (eg. alphabetical).   If you have 3-4 slips, it may not be an issue.  But if you have lots of small T3/T5/.., organizing them in a particular manner may help.  And if you can sort or re-order in almost any software (spreadsheet, word-processing, contact mgr, etc..) why not in tax software?

Would lover to hear from uFile personnel on this...

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