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Cannot add more T5008 slips


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How many have you entered so far? When you click on the + sign at the end of the T5008 line, do you not get another blank page to use?  AFAIK, the allowable number (dozens?) would exceed anything that any investor could possibly have.

If not, then double up by combining T5008 tax slips together to reduce the number.

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AltaRed, somehow I ended up with over 100 (!!!) T5008 slips this year. Thanks for your suggestion, I combined multiple sales of the same security on a T5008 to report everything accurately.

Windsurfer, I don't know which investments always provide a T3 for every T5008. In my situation, none of the capital gains reported on my T5008s are reported on a T3. 

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A T3 or T5  will show the amounts that the investment has made and have been paid out to you. A T5008 may have Proceeds, cost base etc listed but any money made on the investment will be on a T3 or T5 and your investment broker should be issuing the T3 or T5

If a person wants to keep track of his investments he could on the T5008.

If you have a T3 or T5 and you also enter the amounts on the T5008 you will be paying taxes twice on the proceeds.

I have had many client with T5008's and have never entered them into the tax return. If a stock, bond etc is sold the proceeds, capital gains etc again would be on a T3 or T5

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