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Ufile 2021 stopped working


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I purchased and installed Ufile 2021 last week. No problems. I have been using Ufile for 15 years (or more). I went to launch it today, The launching Ufile logo comes up but the program doesn't launch. I tried in safe mode, no joy. There have been Microsoft updates since I installed the program but is that it?

Frustrated. Never had problems, ever previously. Hope they fix this ASAP.


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I installed UFile 2021 and everything seems fine, but when I want to open it, it shows the logo and that's it, it does not load the program. I tried 2020 which was working fine before and that doesn't open either. Previous years open fine, so I don't understand what can be wrong. Any help would be appreciated. 

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i am not an expert and was able to fix the ufile 2021 installation issue in Windows 10 by trial and error and below steps worked for me.

As I am not an expert I can only hope it works for you, and good luck.

If you have difficulties, please download the software from the following link:



1) Highlight the above link and right click on it

2) click on the first item on the list for example.......open link in new tab......., this will download the file

3) after the file is downloaded it will say......... open file

4) click on open file and it will take you the the download folder

5) in the download folder, double click on the item that says......... Ufile 2021

6) Now you should be at the installation wizard,

7)from here just follow the wizard steps, and it will install the software.

Good Luck

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