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Claiming COVID tax credit for 2021


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According to the Canadian Government site, using the temporary flat rate method we can claim $2 a day up to a maximum of $500 in 2021. When I go to the Temporary Flat Rate method in UFile 2021 under Employment Expenses, the form there still references '$400' and the year 2020. Does this need to be updated, or am I misunderstanding something here?

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Why are there 2 identical sections in a row that ask you do you qualify for Covid Temporary Flat rate (work from home) and how many days worked?

UFile allowed me to claim $500 deduction TWICE. I was told that there is only 1 work for home deduction, but UFile accepted both sections.

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I have the same question as LarryG.  Why are there two identical sections in a row for the Covid Temporary flat rate.  Ufile has allowed me to claim it twice.  Trying to get my taxes submitted and finished but don't want to get dinged for an error later.  I have all the most recent Ufile updates.

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