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Rental Property which one to download?


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Hello TaxPayers,


Apology in advance if it has been ask before.

I am filing following people taxes so please help me choose.


Me, my spouse and our child (10 months old)

- T4, T4E and Rental income + expenses. Wife income $0

My brother, his spouse and two children (9 & 5)

- T4, T4E and Rental income + expenses. Wife income $0

My sister, and three young children (15,12, and 9)

- Only 2-3 months rental income, no other income source

My widow father

- CPP income and will claim rental paid


I have been using TurboTax all this year and it has been good however expensive, 

Could someone tell me major difference between TurboTax and Ufile, such user friendly ect?

Which UFile will be better for us, i prefer interview style and user friendly?


Thanks in advance for help.

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Hi there

I started using UFile in the 2019 tax year, and used TurboTax before that.

I liked TT for several reasons, and it was easy to use.  I used the Forms method, not Interview, and I liked that you were entering right into the form.  It made it easy to change / override things, and to do 'test scenarios'.  I can't even remember what it was, but I got annoyed with TT over something that didn't work well, so switched to UF.

I buy the 4 return package, and I do like it, but it's not perfect.  We have a rental property also, and once you get it set up, it's easy to do.  You'll need a program that does more than 4 though.  I always get the desktop download, not the online version.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply. I do like TT but cost is too much since I have to purchase premier version, which includes rental income.


TT does show in the end how much I will get refund, OTB, GST/HST and child benefit (which I really like). Not sure if UF shows you like that? TT really nicely break it down.

I tried UF online version, it was so confusing for me. I only like using desktop version, TT is so simple but cost is very high.

And I think I only 3 person paid version as other family members have $0 income. 

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Hi there!

Unlike TurboTax UFile does not discriminate about what assets or type of income you have. I also used TurboTax previously and dreaded to decide which pack to buy until a savvy Staples representative told me it doesn't matter. 

Well, at UFile our product is based on how many returns you need and each number represents a family not an individual. The bottom line is that you can use the same product and with this single box you can use it to do most types of returns be it business, rental, and/or capital gains. If you need some quick tutorials I would recommend the UFile YouTube channel, and I have quite a few tutorial videos myself on my YouTube Channel. : 


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