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Error message "the RRSP amount you are claiming exceeds the amount of deduction needed"


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RRSP contribution limit for 2021 (from 2022 N of A) is:                   $19,000 (example only)

RRSP contributions for March 2021 to Decmber 2021:                     $8900

RRSP contributions for  first 60 days of 2022:                                   $1500              Total = $10400 (contribution to RRSP)

10400-19000 = 8600  (So I'm well within my amount that I can contribute so why as I getting error message that "the RRSP amount I am claiming edceeds the amount of deduction needed"?  I have not exceeded the amount needed.  I don't know what I've done wrong and it's driving me crazy.




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Please update the version of UFile you are currently using. The most recent diagnostic message should read something to the effect of:


What I believe UFile is saying is that based on your income you may not require the full amount of RRSP deduction to reduce your tax to zero.

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