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How to overwrite provincial level income tax


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I have situation where I received a T4A slip for lump sump payments which are ONLY taxable on the federal level. Hence, no Releve 1 are produced for Quebec.

However, I can't seem to overwrite and zero out the taxable income for Quebec. No matter what I try, that amount is being added for Quebec as well.

Can you please help me overwrite the Quebec amount to 0?



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Hi only fields with the Maple Leaf / QC symbol can be overridden for QC. Like this one image.png.94cdf9642116c1c95e78993623495a6d.png
If there isn't such a symbol an override can't be made in UFile. If you could provide support with the exact nature of the type of income you are trying to claim federally that is not taxable in QC we can try to assist you further.


George Hiotis QA Manager UFile.ca

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