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2FA auto enabled this year?


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This year, like all previous years.  I had to request reset my password, which I was able to reset.   But this year, I was greeted with 2FA after entering my password.    I don't even remember if I have it enabled, but if I did last year, I would have had it on my Authenticator app.   But I don't, I only have my work VPN setup on my authenticator app, but I don't see Ufile.     Because of bad luck, I also lost my phone July last year, so if I do have the recovery keys it would have been a screenshot on that lost phone..

This begs the question, is Ufile enabling 2FA without people knowing?    And how do I go about recovering my account now without my recovery keys.   Can I answer some personal questions about my previous files to disable 2FA on my account?

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