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Negative amounts when using CRA Auto-fill ?

Mike R

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I had a bunch of warnings with autofill and a couple did not make sense but eventually got them all but one resolved.

It might not be an amount on a tax slip. There is "other data" that is also retrieved.

I have a bad date that Ufile is warning is an invalid amount (out of range) but is actually a year. 2022 is being used but 2021 is the max (otherwise this would be in the future). I do not see the value '2022.00' that Ufile is warning is being used. This is on the page under interview in left hand panel titled ''CRA auto-fill my return - other data. As the page takes a long time to load in Ufile I suspect there is unseen data that Ufile then populates the page. When I click "Click here to review your data" in the warning message it does load that page and (almost) displays the line in question.

That said, I do not know how to resolve the problem because of Ufile's warning at the top of the page that reads to not change theses values. If your -374 is computed by Ufile (and not on a slip) you might be able to override (but good luck finding it :)

I would love to try a fresh import to see if the data is really coming in with 2022 from CRA or if Ufile just had trouble with the parsing. There are actually two entries with the same amount: one with the bad underlying date and the next item with the correct date so I think just a glitch. But I do not want to have to start all over now that both related returns are complete except for this. 

Hopefully you will find -374 somewhere on the "other data" page and that will lead you to where you can change the value.

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On 3/31/2022 at 1:56 PM, Mike R said:


But there is no -374 on ANY slip - or anywhere else. The "Click here to review your data" hyperlink takes you nowhere. I had the same problem with another return.

Same error for me but there are about 8 of these values that I can't find.  These values are a result of a CRA download.  Any luck resolving?

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