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children support equivalent to spouse support


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Second submitting:

I use U-FILE for 15 years and my  legal situation was changed,

I would like to claim my child support as spouse equivalent, but I failed to find that in the interview part either in  my Interview or my son interview.

Please help  how to fill details for form T778


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Hi @bfwireless,

To claim childcare expenses, you must enter the expenses in the child's file.

An eligible child was, at one time of the year, under the age of 16.

However, if that child was your dependent or your spouse due to a physical or mental impairment. There is no age limit.

To create a tax file for the child, please follow the steps below:

1. Under the "Interview" tab, next to the "Family head" header, click on the "Add a dependant" option located to the right.

2.On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", enter the information pertaining to the identification of the child in the "Dependant identification" page.

3. Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" of the child's file, located on the left-hand side of the screen, and select "Childcare".

4. On the screen appearing on the right, choose the type of childcare service provided (daycare, summer camp, boarding school, and babysitter).

5. On the first line ''Amount paid to the daycare centre for this child", enter the federal amount claimed. If you are a Quebec resident and received an RL-24 slip the amount of "Box C" is the federal expense and "Box E" the eligible Quebec expense.

6. For residents of Quebec, if you did not receive an RL-24 slip but only a receipt from the person, you need to enter the SIN of that person into Box H.


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