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Downloads of tax slips in Ufile's Autofill function - direct CRA to Ufile or by way of my computer?

Neil in SJ

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I clicked the Download button in Ufile and that opened a window to login to CRA which I did successfully. But after logging in. answering my special question, then confirming the 2-factor authorization code sent to me the session was immediately declared to have timed out, despite having proceeded at a good pace. So I repeated the whole process, got a new CRA login window and went through the same login process a second time successfully and did not time out. And what I got at that point was the ability to download slips one at a time to my own computer. Is that what I am supposed to do, and then subsequently upload these downloaded slips into Ufile from my computer into Ufile over the Internet? I mean I already have all the slips on my computer for some time, so I assumed it would go direct CRA to Ufile. Please advise.

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The problem turned out to in the settings for my Safari browser.I had somehow acquired a content blocker for Ufile.ca which was turned ON. You find that in Safari preferences (under the Safari name in the upper right corner, 3rd item down the list. Once you have the Safari preferences window, go along the top line over toward the right and hit the Websites icon. Then click the content blockers item on the left side of the new window and see what you've got. If Ufile.ca is listed ensure content blocking is turned OFF

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I'm running UFile Pro for CVITP volunteers, Chrome is my browser, and Bitdefender is my antivirus etc.  When I try to submit the authorization for autofilling I get the message 500 Internal Server Error and I have to back out.  I have an older computer with which I am able to do the autofilling without problem so what is the difference?  Do I have to set something in Chrome, or in Bitdefender?  The only difference I can see between the two computers is that the old one is running Win 10 and the new one is Win 11.

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