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when I reply to their email at their above support email....my mail comes back as undelivered.....what scam are they running. I was charged extra for an online ufile purchase and this is the run around I am getting. Have been purchasing ufile for over 20 years and this year its gotten greedy

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Hi @rodfile,


To provide you with a fast and accurate solution to your problem, you can contact our support team with the follow steps from UFile ONLINE:

1. Open a UFile ONLINE session.

2. Click on "?" at the top right of the screen.

3. Select "Support request form".

4. Enter your information.

5. In the box "If this is a follow-up, please enter your UFile ONLINE request number here", enter the request number found in the initial email's subject line prefixed by "Request#" (i. e. Request# UFXXXXXX).

6. Make sure you tick the box "Check to authorize UFile ONLINE to VIEW your tax file".

Members of our support team will find a solution to your problem faster if they can review the tax information contained in your file.

If this box is checked when you submit your support request to UFile ONLINE, a temporary copy of your tax information will be generated and placed in a secure directory to which access is restricted to our authorized personnel.


This process takes place behind our firewall and your data is secured. Your tax information is NOT sent to our staff as an attachment to an email.

Please note that your data will be used strictly to help our support staff to solve the problem you experienced, and the temporary copy will be automatically destroyed after 72 hours.

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