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Your UFile for Windows 2021 under T4(A) Statement of Pension does not have a BOX #205 for my CRA One time payment of $500.00 for Older seniors

Tony Yan

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Dear Sir/ Madam:

For the 2021 Tax year the CRA issued a T4(A) statement of pension, retirement & other income as they provided a ONE-TIME payment of$ 500.00 to assist OLDER Seniors during these Covid times.

It is shown on my T4(A) statement under BOX NUMBER 205 for the $500.00 payment.However, in filling with UFile for Windows this year I can see that your current program T4(A)form is not provided with a BOX NUMBER 205 as a one time payment for older seniors, so I can log it in in the proper box number, form or protocol for my submission to the CRA before the end of this week. I don't see any other version of the T4(A) Form in my current UFile for Windows program. So which BOX NUMBER in your current T4(A) form should I fill in this one time payment of $ 500.00 for OLDER SENIORS?

Can someone please be kind enough respond to me, so I can complete my 2021 Tax return to the CRA.

Thanking you in advance for your great assistance & customer service.


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