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$2000 lifetime RRSP overcontribution not accepted


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Since I retired this year, my financial advisor advised me to include an extra $2000 in my RRSP contribution; that is, $2000 more than my available contribution.  He said I could overcontribute by $2000 once in my life.  Ufile does seem to agree that I can overcontribute by $2000 without penalty, but it doesn't consider the $2000 in my tax refund.  It warns me that I overcontributed.  Looking at Schedule 7 in the "Tax Return" tab, in Part A it shows the total contribution that I made, but in Part B it calculates the allowable contribution (without the $2000) and carries that over to line 20800 on my return.  Did I goof by making the overcontribution, i.e. it's without penalty but also without a deduction?  Or, is there a way to override and put the actual contribution on line 20800?  Or...?

Edit:  It occurs to me that I could override by adding $2000 when I tell ufile my RRSP deduction limit, but that seems to be cheating.  I tried, and it did add $742.26 to my total federal/Quebec refund.


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