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Marital status change (spouse/partner to separated) missing field

Trent Tax

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It appears UFile Pro is missing the following question to answer in the "Ex-spouse" screen for a taxpayer whose marital status has changed from married/common-law to separated in the tax year:

  • Was the ex-spouse self-employed in the tax year?

If you look at the Federal EFILE return record, "Spouse Self Employed?" is a data field (under Basic Data) that is transferred to the CRA.

However, UFile data entry does ask the question "If your ex-spouse was self-employed in 2022, was he or she a farmer?" seeming to bypass the initial first question of whether or not they were even self-employed at all.

UFile email support has been poor quality, with agent Kasthuri sending back a generic canned response, and not addressing this question asked via email Pro support.

Additionally, for a taxpayer whose marital status changed from married/common-law to separated in the tax year, is anyone aware of how to override & NOT claim the "Line 30300 – Spouse or common-law partner amount"? UFile seems to have poor abilities to override and modify fields/lines like TurboTax allows.


UFile-Partnered to Separated-Missing SE Q - 2023-04-14.png

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