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Beware UFile's 'ghost' RRSP contributions

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Beware UFile creating false RRSP contributions in your tax files.

Disappointed with the level of both back-end development and customer service response to an issue that creates fictitious RRSP contributions for a taxpayer when they haven't made any.

Was reviewing a taxpayer's Schedule 7 this evening in Forms view, and UFile Pro has unfortunately created arbitrary contributions on behalf of the taxpayer. Have ensured that the data entry fields for the taxpayer are blank and empty. UFile email support doesn't even respond with a message related to the ongoing issue. Cannot file taxpayer's return while the UFile software has made a calculation error.

See attached screenshot.UFile-RRSPghostcontributions-2024-04-24.thumb.png.b1bd92fcca913a318c2a512083803174.png


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Hello Maggie3,

Don't worry, I was as baffled as you appear to be when I found this technical glitch - but unfortunately technical issues seem to be plaguing UFile in recent years.

The file has already been sent to UFile with Request# UB3552648 (this request contains another software technical error that displays the primary taxpayer's home phone number automatically transferred to the secondary spouse's return when the software's new field "cellular phone" is entered in for the spouse's file).

I have not heard back from anyone at support yet addressing this concern.

Confirming that all fields in the RRSP entry screen are blank (except for the RRSP deduction limit).

Looking to seek a refund under "UFile’s Triple Guarantee ... your assurance of Accuracy, Satisfaction and the Best Tax Result."

UFile - RRSP ghost contributions B - 2024-04-25.png

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