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Claiming Dependent Tuition Fee for College

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I am filing taxes seperately for my 17 year old dependent and from his "Tuition and Enrolement Certificate" entered the amount paid for his post-secondary studies for one semester of Fall 2023(RL 8 Box A) as well as "Eligible Tuition Fees , Part time and Full time"(Line 23).

I was expecting that Ufile will calculate some refund with regards to Eligible Tuition Fees, but didn't? Shall i expect a refund or need to tick/add any other box?

Please help.


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  • Sair changed the title to Claiming Dependent Tuition Fee for College

Tuition credits own their own do not give you a refund.  They get applied to taxes you have paid on income.  Good news is, tuition credits carry forward and they will get used once your 17 year old starts earning income.

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Thanks Pardnme.

My 17 year old worked in Summer for 2 months and already have income of around $5000, but the income is too low to pay any taxes. Also, I don't know what's the threshold of income to get the refund back on the tuiton.

Moreover, he was qualified to get some loan and bursary from the quebec govt to finance his college expenses, so i don't know if that makes any difference.

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Good day,

As Pardnme explained there are no refundable credits that pertain to Tuition fees or to Tuition months.
The only credits available are non-refundable.

Look at Schedule 11 in your son's federal return.
Look at Schedules S and T in your son's Quebec return.

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