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Can't generate Tax Return because of ON-BEN warning! (not claiming ON-BEN)

Daniel Tate

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Just go the the menu of your interview and go to the icon of the ON-BEN and beside the form there should be a little garbage can just click on it and it will ask you if you want to delete.  Just say yes and you should be done unless you need to do same with the Tax payer or Tenant declaration.  Then do the same and your program should generate a tax return after that.

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I also have a problem with ON-BEN. I would like to claim the Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Tax Grant and have selected Yes, but there is nowhere to enter the property tax info. Then at the end, I get an error that I haven't entered it. Error says I have to go to ON-BEN and enter the info at line 6112 but I can't find form ON-BEN or line 6112 anywhere. Any thoughts?

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You can apply for the Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant (OSHPTG), if, on December 31st, 2014, you met the following conditions:


a) You were 64 or older.

b) You owned and occupied a principal residence in Ontario for which property taxes have been paid by or for you in 2014.


The OSHPTG is not paid automatically. To apply for this grant, please follow these steps:


1. In the "QuikClik Navigator", select "Ontario tax and credits".



2. On the screen on your right-hand side, choose "ON-BEN - Application for 2015 Ontario Trillium Benefit...".



3. On the page that appears, on the line ''The taxpayer elect to receive the 2015 OTB entitlement in one payment in June 2016? (Yes/No)'', choose the option that corresponds to your situation in the drop-down menu to the right.


4. Return to the "Ontario tax and credits" section in the "QuikClik Navigator", select "ON-BEN - Declaration for home owners" on the page to your right and enter your information on the newly generated page.


If you meet the eligibility requirements, box 6113 will be checked off and your total amount of property tax paid in 2014 will be reported in box 6112. Part B on the back of the form will be completed according to the information you have entered.


The amount that you will receive for 2015 will be determined according to the information provided on your 2014 tax return. You will receive your grant within four to eight weeks after receiving your Notice of assessment.


The program will generate an estimate of the Ontario Trillium Benefit.

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