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Explanation for netfile exclusion


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The program won't allow me to file electronically to Revenu Quebec because it says:


"The taxpayer is requesting an election with respect to the completion of their return.*"


It just says this and nothing else. I don't understand what this means. The asterix doesn't lead anywhere. How can I find to know which "election" it's referring to? 

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On the self-employment income ID page When you enter the fiscal year end date other than 31/12/2012, software thinks that you are choosing non-calendar year, it gives a tick mark in Box 640 of the Quebec form TP-80.1 Business adjustment. 


If you have this Box, you cannot transmit your return using NETFILE. 


This is the restriction of  Revenue Quebec NETFILE and not of the software.


If you enter 31/12/2012, you will not have any problem. 




Please explain if you have chosen non-calendar year as your fiscal year.

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