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Possibility to edit already created report before filing


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The first time you print a tax return, submit it via NETFILE, or save a return in .PDF format, this tax return is added to the program's counter.


Afterwards, you can make changes to that person's tax return for the year in question and print, submit via NETFILE, or save the return in .PDF format without it being added to the counter again.


Note, however, that if you change the person's SIN or date of birth on a return that was already printed, submitted via NETFILE or saved in .PDF format, the tax return will be treated like a new return by the program and added to the counter if you attempt to print, submit via NETFILE, or save the return in .PDF format once again.


Therefore, it is very important to verify and confirm the person's SIN and date of birth prior to registering/adding the return to the counter.

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