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EFile Transfer Crash Year 2014


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I'm sending tax return Efile, my UFILE crashes during this process, it seems to send return anyways as when I finally try to send this return again to CRA, it says it already received it, I don't get confirmation page in Ufile because it crashes. This happens on PC running Windows 8.1 64bit, when I do the same on Windows 7 64bit no problems. I can't see any error as Ufile crashes with simple Windows App crash message.

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I have more or less the same problem, cannot complete the exile, could any body help?  Issue listed as follows:


When I try to Efile, the message 'UFile -import export has stopped working' appears  it says 'A problem caused the program to stop working correctly, Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available'. How to fixed this for Efile?


Please help!!!

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To correct this error, in the "Interview" tab, go to the first page of the business schedule (Business ID).


Change the value for the question "Your share (%) of ownership if other than 100%" from 0 to 0.0001.



Go to the "Ownership by spouse" page and change the "Percentage share owned by your spouse" from 99.99999 to 99.9999.


However, if the business is in fact owned 100% by the other spouse, it would be better to delete it from the first spouse and reenter it in the second spouse's file with the percentage of ownership at 100% and nothing entered for the an amount owned by the other spouse.


By the way, after you make the changes, save the changes, close UFile, and then restart UFile. You will then be able to calculate the tax return.

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