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Where can I find RL-19 in Ufile


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Where can I find RL-19 in Ufile?  I did a search and there was a post indicate it could be found under Interview > QuikClik Navigator > Other information slips, but I can't find "Other information slips" under my "QuikClik Navigator"! Could someone please tell me which option in interview setup for RL-19? Thanks a lot!

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If you have received a RL-19 slip regarding advance payments of tax credits, please enter the information displayed on this slip as follows:


1- In the "QuikClik Navigator", located on the left side of the screen, click on the option "Other information slips".


2- Then, in the page that appears on your right, click on "RL-19 - Advance payments" and enter the information accordingly.


Do not attach the RL-19 slip to your return, but keep it in your files in order to provide it to Revenu Québec upon request if needed.

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Thanks for the reply! But the problem is I can not find "Other information slips" under my "QuikClik Navigator", but I can find it under my wife's "QuikClik Navigator". Since I am the one who received advance payments, not my wife. I can not report under her name. So I don't know how to fix it! Any further advice will be appreciated! Thanks! 

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