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In the results tab, I get an error message "ou ticked the box I had no income from any source in 2014 but entered data resulting in income. Either remove the incorrect income data or click here  fix.gif and then remove the tick." related to the information I entered for my spouse.


He had no income, I ticked that box in the interview, but it tells me I entered data resulting in income, but I don't know what that would be. I've not entered any income for him, but interested in income splitting or getting any low income tax credits we qualify for (which I have indicated on those corresponding pages).


How can I get more information about this error to correct it?





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I am having the same problem with my tax return.


I have no income, my spouse does. As I understand the question it is with reference to the other person's income. As such I have answered on my return that my spouse does NOT have NIL income. On my spouse's return I have answered that I DO have NIL income.

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Finally figured out what was happening.


When adding a $1 interest income for myself it became apparent that UFILE was transferring the income from the universal child care benefit into my name without adjusting other forms accordingly. This was resolved by manually inputting the UCCB onto my claim.

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