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Trilluim Benefits


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I assume you are an Ontario resident.


As you do not own your own home you are probably renting and you are thus entitled to the Ontario Trillium Benefit as a tenant.

You need to enter data in two pages,

 - the ON-BEN page where you claim the benefit

 - the tenant page where you enter the details of your rent

UFile will then generate the ON-BEN form and calculate an estimate of your Trillium benefit.

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I assume you are the "Family Head" in your UFile file.

Your spouse can claim the ON-BEN benefit whatever the situation.

Enter the ON-BEN related information (claim and residence) in your data.


Then in Ontario tax and credits

 - click "Assigning Ontario credits to one spouse or the other"

   select "Give to spouse"


The ON-BEN form as well as the Ont. Trillium calculation estimate will show in the spouse's return

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Hi Admin,

Can you please explain a bit more on ON-BEN residence tax credit please.

I am 'Family Head' and filing return. I was on EI+some income (abt 22k) and my wife had no income. We paid >11k as rent in 2016. In such situation, who should claim for ON-BEN residence tax credit, I mean who will have more benefit?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Hi NewTaxMan,


If you are a resident of Ontario and are eligible to claim the property tax credit for tenant in Ontario (part of the Ontario Trillium Benefit), please follow the steps below:

1- In the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select "Ontario tax and credits".

2- On the page to your right, choose "ON-BEN - Application for 2017 Ontario Trillium Benefit...".

3- On the page to the right, for the line "Applying for the 2017 Ont. Energy and property tax credit (ON-BEN L.6118)", answer "Yes" and click on the "Left arrow" between "Previous" and "Next" at the bottom of the page.

4- On the page that appears on your right, select "ON-BEN - Declaration for tenants (including a private long-term care home)" and enter the information relevant to your situation.

The program will report the information on the "ON-BEN - Application for the Ontario energy and property tax credit" form.

For more information on this subject, consult the following link:


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