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Efile was rejected, 2 lines don't match


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Under the latest UFile update the page was renamed to "NetFile acknowledgements (Read only)".  The Date was then automatically removed by the software to prevent the type of Error described above. 


If you are running under the latest version of UFile and you do not see a date on this page then you should attempt to access the NetFile page and submit your return. 


If a date does appear and you cannot remove it then this would indicate that your return was already submitted to CRA.  You can confirm this by contacting CRA directly.   

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Strange as I had no problem with my husband's which I filed first.  I see a date, now I fill have the joy of being put on hold forever by CRA to confirm if they received my return...very annoying error! By the way, the CRA lines are so full they do not even bother to put you on hold, just tell you to call back.  I have been using net file for many years and this is first time I have the problem.  Not impressed.

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Hi Jooanek


From what we have been able to see the Error occurs because when the Return was submitted it was  processed twice within an 8 second window.  The first submission was accepted and the second was rejected (due to it already being accepted).  Our software will only display the results for the last submission (which in this case is the rejection).  As a result taxpayers with this Error are being asked to contact CRA to confirm transmission of their Return.


We have attempted to submit a Return twice within 8 seconds but have been unable to replicate

the situation.  The problem arose at the start of the tax season.


Can you tell me whether you encountered this problem just recently and whether you filed the Return under the most recent version of UFile ?  Thank you.

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Hi JayLaprade,


I believe you may be using a Windows XP or Vista operating system ... I found the information below under another thread ...


Our UFile program has been built with Microsoft .NET technology.


We had to upgrade to the version 4.5.1 of the .NET Framework to support TLS 1.2.


UFile needs .NET Framework installed on the computer in order to start.


The following link from Microsoft show the Windows OS dependency of the framework.

See link from Microsoft: https://msdn.microso...(v=vs.110).aspx


As you can see Windows/XP will not work at all.


The minimum computer requirement for running the program would be: Vista SP2 with .NET Framework 4.5.1


Printing should work assuming everything above was installed separately, although we have not tested it.


Now EFILE with TLS 1.2 also relies on Microsoft Internet Explorer to be installed, this is not necessarily relying on the installation of the Chrome Browser (or other browsers).


So even though the program starts and print the tax return on Vista, EFILE may be broken and you may have to rely on paper filing using PDF.


If you are unable to upgrade your operating system, you can use UFile ONLINE, with the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, in order to prepare your return.

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Hi, I recently was trying to use UFile to file my tax returns but then it showed to errors just after i clicked Ready to file, I tried to rectify the 2 errors but now account is locked. Does this mean my CRA account or does it have something to do with UFile?? I filled all the fields as per my T4 and T4A forms, now I have no idea what to do, please help!

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