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Download both UFile purchase and UFile CVITP


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You can have both the UFile 4 or 12 and CVITP versions installed on one computer. However, there will only be a single copy of UFile (with the CVITP logo) on your computer.

Once you have installed the program using your UFile 4 or 12 key, you will add the CVITP key as follows:

-Run your UFile program.
-Go to "Tools", and select "Add extra returns..."
-Click on the "+ Add new key" button.
-Enter your activation key, and then click "OK".
You should see your tax return counter increase accordingly.

Close the program.

You can enter your EFILE information as follows:

-Run your UFile program.
-Click on "EFILE" from the menu bar at the top of the program.
-Select "EFILE-NetFile setup".
-Select the folder where you want to keep your tax files.
-For the field "In what capacity are you preparing tax returns?", select "Volunteer with the CVITP". This will cause the EFILE Registration Information section to appear.
-Tick the box "EFILE Online" and enter your information.
-Click "OK" to save the information.

By selecting "EFILE" from the menu bar at the top of the program, and then "EFILE-NetFile setup", you can switch between NETFILE and EFILE by changing the type of preparer in the drop-down list.

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