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Error in Printed PDF Returns?


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I use UFile online.

I save all of our tax returns as a PDF before I NetFile and I always make sure to save the most up to date.


Tonight I wanted to NetFile and saved my PDFs. For my own curiosity I decided to open up the last ones I saved from March 15th and noticed the ones from today were missing a page. I went through page by page and discovered that when it came to section of the Estimated Calculation for the Solidarity Tax Credit, the ones from March 15th had split up the dates from July 2016-December 2016 and then from January 2017-June 2017 and this is why there was an extra page. On today's PDFs the Estimated Calculation for the Solidarity Tax Credit kept everything on one page July 2016-June 2017. I also noticed in the Net Family income, the Basic amount was different on both returns.


I did not make any changes to my UFile interview since March 15th.


From what I can see, the return did not change any other information and any balance due or return stayed the same. 


Also on all of our returns there is a blank page right after page 4 of the Provincial Income Tax Return.


Do I have anything to worry about?


Thank you.

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I rechecked my son's returns and the change to the Estimated Calculation for the Solidarity Tax Credit did affect the payment of the Solidarity tax credit. On the newly saved PDF where it is all kept on one page July 2016-June 2017, he is being credited less per payment. It is less than $1.00 so it's not about the $1.00 but more that this concerns me about why the change in calculation by the UFile system.

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In our latest update the Estimation of the solidarity tax credit displays most recent indexed figure for the ‘Basic Amount’ of $33,685


The estimate covers the whole year (12 months) instead of 2 periods of 6 months.


The length of the estimate page is reduced to 1 page rather than 2 pages previously.

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To add more details:



People who wish to file their Quebec return in paper version and mail it to Revenu Québec can do so without any problem.



Even if the form TPF-1.U (bar code) is not generated by UFile ONLINE, Revenu Québec is aware of this situation and will not reject a paper return produced by the online version of our program.



The return shows RQ15-TP47 as the authorization number in the upper right-hand corner of the forms.


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