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Should I remove my daughter as a dependent?


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my 18 year old daughter lived with us until October/2015.  She would have been classified as a dependent until then.  Do I take her off the ufile list, or leave her on to claim her as a dependent, but we won't be doing her taxes?


Ufile gives us a warning that she hasn't filed (because we didn't do it), yet we say that she had an income.  

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Hi Bigredcami,


Dependants in a tax file are usually members of the family unit of the taxpayer who is registered as the family head.

They are generally the children and the parents who have the same address and who are wholly supported financially by the family head and/or the family head's spouse.

If a member of your family does not fit this definition, you must create a separate file for this person. Please note that there is no automatic way to do this; you must create each file manually for each person. Remember to report any amount that may be carried forward. These carryforwards are generally featured on the Notice of Assessment they received in the previous year,  or under the "Tax return" tab, on the "Summary of carryforward amounts" page from the previous year.

You can delete a family member from your file by following this procedure:

Under the tab "Interview", on the line "Family head" or the first person, select the person you want to remove and click "Delete selected" which is located to the right on this line.

This operation will delete this person's file from your family file from this tax year onward only. Previous years will not be affected.

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