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Non officer shareholders in a T2 return

rob t

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The T2 return has a section to enter info re corporate officers who are shareholders.  But a private company must also disclose shareholders owning more than 10% of either preferred or common shares, even if they are not directors.  My children fit that criteria: shareholders who must be disclosed but not directors.


I cannot find a section in which to enter their details.  Any ideas?

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Hi rob t,


You are right that private companies must complete this schedule for all shareholders holding 10% or more of its common shares and (or) preferred.


To generate Schedule 50 in UFile T2, please follow the steps below:


- In the Interview tab click on the section "Corporate officers" available in the QuikClik navigator.


- In the drop down menu select the type of corporate officer then, complete the form.



Note: if the signing officer is also the director of the company, please use the section "director and signing officer."




Also, if the signing officer "and / or" the director is also a shareholder of the corporation, in the form, click "YES" on the field * Is the officer also a shareholder of the corporation? Then enter the percentage of shares held by the individual.

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