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Where do I enter my Manitoba Rent Assist benefits?


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I received Rent Assist benefit in 2016 from the MB Provincial Government in the
amount of $3053.36.  My total rent payments for 2016 were $8100.  I deducted
my rent assist benefits and entered $5046.64 for the total amount of rent I

Where do I enter my rent assist benefits?

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Hi KelleyH,


If you are a resident of Manitoba and are eligible to claim the property tax credit for owners or tenants, please follow the steps below:

1. In the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Manitoba tax and credits".

2. On the page to your right, scroll down to "MB479" group, choose "Manitoba property tax credits for tenants" or ''Manitoba property tax credits for owners''.

3. On the page that appears, enter all the information that is relevant to your situation.

4. Return to the group "MB479" in "Tax and Credits Manitoba".

5. On the screen on your right, choose "Manitoba education property tax credit advance received", enter the advance payment you received, otherwise enter $ 0.00.

6. Under the ''Review'' tab, if the following Warning appears: ''You entered an amount for either rent paid or property tax paid but did not make an entry for the Manitoba education property tax credit received'', you must enter a value on the first line of the ''Manitoba property and school tax credit for tenants/owners'' page; otherwise you cannot currently NETFILE your return.

The program will carry the information over to Form "MB479 - Manitoba Credits" on lines 33 to 42 for homeowners, while tenants  must submit an application for assistance to the "Manitoba Family Services" or consult the following link:


For more information on this topic, please consult the following link:


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