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Tax On Capital Page Warning Message


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I am finishing up my T2 Corporate taxes with Ufile T2 and I am getting a warning message that is forcing me to fill out the following fields:


Description and amount of taxable paid-up capital elements

There is a dropdown menu with options and a separate field with an amount.  I don't believe this applies to my company so I would like to skip it.  Ufile is insisting that I enter something for these two fields.  I don't remember having to fill this out in previous years, so I'm wondering if something I've entered this year triggered these two mandatory fields, or maybe this is a new requirement?  If something can lead me to the entry that triggers this requirement, that would be appreciated.  Any ideas on how I can bypass it?  I have attached a screenshot. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 7.04.04 PM.png

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