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Can't save my file! "...locked by another application"?!


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I had the same problem but I was able to resolve it. I'm running windows 10 and have the virus software (Windows Defender) turned on. Ufile was working fine but then I started getting the same message as Dana reported. 

Windows Defender scans the software applications on the computer and if it doesn't recognize an application it deems it to be potentially harmful and won't allow any changes to be made to the associated ufile data file. I think an update to Ufile or Windows Defender caused the problem. If this is your problem go to the windows Defender Security Centre. Click on 'Virus and Threat Protection', then on 'Virus and Threat Protection Settings'. Scroll down to 'Controlled Folder Access' and then click the 'On' button to turn this feature off. A pop-up window from Windows Defender will then ask the following question: 'Do you want to allow this application to make changes to your device?'. Click 'Yes'. Open up Ufile and you will then be able to save your data. Don't forget to turn the 'Controlled Folder Access' feature back on after you are done since this protects your files from any harmful applications that do accidentally get installed and try to muck around with your data files. 

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I am also Used window 10 based Operating system from last 1 year. I am also facing the same problem when we can download one file that can be infected by the  virus and I am unable to save my important file and it shows an error message that can be locked by another app then we scan with window defender but not resolve my issue for the solution we can visit at Windows Tech Support they can solve my problem.

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I found that by adding Ufile to the list of allowed apps in the Controlled Folder Access part of the Ransomware Protection section of Windows Security, you can safe the PDF and u18 file. You don't have to turn Controlled Folder Access off when you want to save the file and then back on when you are done.

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UFile 2021 downloads last years file, but after working on it, SAVE but will not accept the file.  The problem is a Win10 latest version security problem.

GO to:  Windows Securtiy, Click on 'Virus and Threat Protection', then on 'Virus and Threat Protection Settings'. Scroll to:  'Controlled Folder Access'


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